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Pass/No Pass Policy

Spring 2020

Pass/No Pass Grading Option Available Spring 2020

As part of the transition from in-person to online course delivery, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi is offering undergraduate students expanded access to the Pass/No Pass grading options for the Spring 2020 semester. Undergraduate students have the option of changing the grading method of any course in which they are enrolled from a standard letter grading scheme, (A-F), to a Pass/No Pass (P/PD/NP) grading method.


Who is eligible to opt in for Pass/No Pass? 

Pass/No Pass is available for most undergraduate courses. Courses that are not eligible are listed below. All students should seek guidance from their academic advisor, financial aid counselor, and other specialized professional staff prior to opting in for Pass/No Pass.  

  • Repeated Courses 
  • Developmental Education Courses 
  • Graduate-level Courses

Additional courses not eligible: 

College Courses Not Eligible
College of Education & Human Development
  • Clinical Teaching Courses
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
  • 3000 and 4000 Level Nursing and Health Sciences Courses
College of Science and Engineering
  • 3000 and 4000 Level ATSC Courses
  • BIOL 1406/1407, BIOL 2401/2402, BIOL 2416, BIOL 2420/2421, BIOL 3428, BIMS4323, BIMS/BIOL 4406
  • CHEM 1305, CHEM 1411, and CHEM 1412, 3000 and 4000 Level CHEM Courses
  • ENGR 4390
  • 3000 and 4000 Level ESCI Courses
  • 3000 and 4000 Level GEOL Courses
  • MEEN 4365
  • SMTE 3315 and SMTE 3316
  • All Clinical Lab Science Courses


What is the Pass/No Pass Grading Method? 

Pass/No Pass (P/PD/NP) is an alternate grading method that will not apply into computing a grade point average (GPA). This change can be applied to most courses for the Spring 2020 semester, except those indicated as not eligible. 

 Students are required to participate in course activities and assessments as usual. At the end of the term, faculty will enter grades using the normal grading methods (A-F). Faculty will not know which students have opted in for Pass/No Pass.  An automatic conversion to the Pass/No Pass grading method will occur prior to grades posting to S.A.I.L.

How will this work? 

Current Pass/No Pass policies are suspended for the Spring 2020 semester only and will be replaced with the following:  

  • Undergraduate students may change any eligible course in which they are enrolled to Pass/No Pass beginning on April 20th and concluding on May 7th 
  • There will be no limit to the number of Spring 2020 eligible courses or credit hours that may be taken as Pass/No Pass. 
  • Spring 2020 courses graded as Pass/No Pass may satisfy general education, major, minor, degree, and/or elective requirements. However, in some cases in which a “PD” is earned, it may not count toward program requirements, because some courses and programs require a “C” or higher in courses. 
  • Grades of “P”, “PD” and “NP” will not positively or negatively affect students’ GPA. 
  • Grading Scheme 
  • If requested Pass/No Pass, Grades of “A” through “C” will change to “P” and will earn the number of credit hours designated for the course. The official grades of “A” through “C” will not count in the student’s GPA. 
  • If requested Pass/No Pass, grades of “D” will change to “PD” and will earn the credit hours designated for the course. However, if the course or student’s program requires a C or higher, the student would need to retake the course to meet the prerequisite. The official grade of “D” will not count in the student's GPA. 
  • If requested Pass/No Pass, Grades of “F” will change to “NP” and no credits will be earned for the course but will count towards attempted hours. The official grade of “F” will not be counted in the student’s GPA. 

Is Pass/No Pass the right choice for you? 

Before deciding to choose the Pass/No Pass option, students should discuss the changes with their academic advisors, financial aid counselor, and other specialized staff (e.g. veterans affairs, honors program, faculty mentor, etc.) to ensure there are no unforeseen consequences of switching to Pass/No Pass. Students should consult their Degree Planner or the academic advising website for the name and contact information for their academic advisor. 

  • Earning a grade of “P” in a course will count toward earned hours and progress towards degree completion. Earning a grade of “NP” does not count towards earned hours but does assess attempted hours. Earning a grade of “PD” in a course will count toward earned hours and progress towards degree completion. However, depending on the course and/or program, this may not count toward program requirements. 
  • Accreditation, licensure, and/or state requirements within a major or minor may prohibit a Pass/No Pass grade.  
  • Although many other universities are going through the same changes, we do not know how graduate or professional schools will accept Pass/No Pass grades. If you are planning to apply to graduate school in the future Pass/No Pass could potentially affect your eligibility. 
  • If a course counts as part of a group of courses required for admission to a major in which grades are averaged, Pass/No Pass will not be included in the GPA calculation.  
  • If you are on academic probation, electing Pass/No Pass grades courses will not be included in your GPA calculation. Thus, not allowing you to improve your academic standing. 
  • Students using federal financial aid should consult with the Office of Financial Assistance to determine the effect Pass/No Pass might have on their financial aid status. 
  • If you are pending Spring graduation, electing Pass/No Pass may affect your eligibility to complete your degree requirements, depending on your program. 
  • If you are repeating a course, you will not be able to declare Pass/No Pass.  
  • If you request to use the Pass/No Pass grading method, it could affect your eligibility for Dean’s List.  

Instruction for changing courses 

Students should identify the eligible courses to be changed to the Pass/No Pass grading method after advisement and consultation with respective advisors. You will be able to initiate the opt in declaration beginning April 20, 2020. You will need to submit all course declarations for Pass/No Pass no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 7th. Late requests will not be processed. Once your opt in declaration has been submitted, there is no reversing your request. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

For information regarding the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and how it affects you, please visit our Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQ page and scroll down to the Pass/ No Pass section.