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Meet Our Staff

Michael Rendon

University Registrar and Director of Veteran's Affairs
Phone: 361.825.2414
E-mail Michael

Job duties: General administration, FERPA Compliance Officer, system projects, customer service

Missy Chapa
Assistant Registrar
Phone: 361.825.3974
E-mail Missy

Job duties: Academic data (student and course data), graduation and commencement activities Banner, manage and monitor all course creation activities, grades, customer service

Christie Roberts
Assistant Registrar
Phone: 361.825.2276
E-mail Christie

Job duties: Ad Astra schuedling, NCAA, National Student Clearinghouse, enrollment and degree verifications, customer service

Adrianna Zuniga
Senior Secretary
Phone: 361.825.2850
E-mail Adriana

Job duties: Registrar Calendar, administratative support, travel, business support, appeals, customer service 

Jenny Vela
Records Specialist II
Phone: 361.825.2515
E-mail Jenny

Job duties: Process applications of graduation, tuition rebates, B-on-Time loan requests, pass-no pass requests , and change catalog year requests in Banner,  degree audits of undergraduate student, customer service

Utku Murathan
Records Specialist II
Phone: 361.825.2516

Job duties: Transcripts, verifications, call center, oversees Registrar’s department email account, audits and awards undergraduate degrees, customer service

Mary Galvan
Records Specialist II
Phone: 361.825.2574

Job duties: Ad Astra backup, call center, duplicate diplomas, verification of enrollments, transcript backup, customer service

Rebecca Valdez
Records Specialist IV
Phone: 361.825.2626
E-mail Rebecca

Job duties:  scanning, imaging and indexing document, assist with grading process and end of term processes, perform graduation audits for graduate students, center kiosk, customer service

Stephanie Diores 
Records Specialist I
Phone: 361.825.2489

Job duties: Data clerk, verification of enrollments and changes of biographical data sheets, call center, auditing and awarding of degrees, customer service

Crystal Trevino
Records Specialist II
Phone: 361.825.3499

Job duties: Center kiosk, processes student registration adds, drops, and withdrawals, change of grade, change of major, process applications of graduation, customer service