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Mission Statement

The mission of the Registrar's Office is to:

  • Support the academic mission of the university by providing efficient, effective and expedient services while striving to ensure the accuracy, integrity, consistency, objectivity, security and longevity of academic records.
  • Provide excellence in service within the constraints of federal law and university policy while striving to maintain fairness to all.
  • Effectively communicate procedures and responsibilities for the successful use of our services which include: registration, transcripts, enrollment & degree verification, diplomas, classroom scheduling, maintenance of course data and exam schedule, student data stewardship and reporting.

Missy Chapa

Interim University Registrar
Phone: 361.825.2414
E-mail Missy

Job duties: General administration, FERPA Compliance Officer, customer service, Academic data (student and course data), graduation and commencement activities Banner, manage and monitor all course creation activities, grades, customer service

Christie Roberts
Assistant Registrar
Phone: 361.825.2276
E-mail Christie

Job duties: Ad Astra scheduling, NCAA, National Student Clearinghouse, system projects, enrollment and degree verifications, customer service

Cassandra Valadez
Administrative Associate III
Phone: 361.825.2850

Job duties: Registrar Calendar, administrative support, travel, business support, appeals, customer service 

Stephanie Diores
Records Specialist II
Phone: 361.825.3499
Email Stepahnie

Job duties: Data clerk, verification of enrollments and changes of biographical data sheets, call center, auditing and awarding of degrees, customer

Records Specialist II
Phone: 361.825.2515

Job duties: Process applications of graduation, tuition rebates, B-on-Time loan requests, pass-no pass requests, and change catalog year requests in Banner, degree audits of undergraduate student, customer service

Jenessa Hernandez
Records Specialist II
Phone: 361.825.2516
Email Jenessa 

Job duties: Call center, oversees Registrar’s department email account, audits and awards undergraduate degrees, customer service

Mary Galvan
Records Specialist II
Phone: 361.825.2574
Email Mary

Job duties: Ad Astra backup, call center, duplicate diplomas, verification of enrollments, transcript backup, customer service

Rebecca Valdez
Transcript Specialist 
Phone: 361.825.2626
E-mail Rebecca

Job duties:  scanning, imaging and indexing document, assist with grading process and end of term processes, perform graduation audits for graduate students, center kiosk, customer service

Records Specialist II
Phone: 361.825.2489

Job duties: Service Center kiosk, processes student registration adds, drops, and withdrawals, change of grade, change of major, process applications of graduation, customer service